Saturday, July 06, 2013

Happy Hazy Birthday!

Haven been updating my blog much, I know. So many things I wanted to blog about but I think by this time it is already too backdated that I've decided to give up on it!

So! decided to blog about the most recent happening and that is my birthday!

2013's birthday will definitely be a memorable one thanks to our friendly Indonesian neighbours who gave me the Haze as a birthday present! I even received some "Happy Hazy Birthday" messages from friends lol!

I think this following pic really summarises my birthday this year!

The McDonald's Hello Kitty Craze + the super bad haze (reached 400+ on 21st Jun)! hell, it even has my birthday date stamped on it!

And some haze pics to remember the bad haze!

Moving on... this year's bday was rather simple (cause I couldn't take full day leave.. settled for half day only).. steamboat dinner at home with the fam on the actual day!

always happy to eat steamboat~ heehee
and then followed by the usual cake cutting ceremony at home! first time celebrating my birthday (last 20s bday) at my new house!




this year I decided to have a tart as my birthday cake cuz I love fruit tarts!
I also love mango so this was perfect =)
tho I must say I still prefer mini fruit tarts.. those i can pop non stop seriously.
with the mum!
we look v alike rite? I should post her sec school photo one of these days.. I really look like her there!
with mum and chenda who is like my 2nd mum!

with mum and sis, who is like my 3rd mum! lol
and with sis' bf~
with wx and her mum!
her mum is really one of the nicest and most courteous person I've ever met la!
really need to learn to be as gracious as her!
blow candle.
cut cake.
and presents!

accessories from Diva from wx and her mum!

Kino vouchers from Rookie! Gonna pick up my Dan Brown book! heehee

 and my first Ferragamo item from my branded sis! haha
love the blue!
and this chenda went to buy me gold diamond earrings!
omg, she really shouldn't have la.. tho I really love it haha





my birthday nails!
cheated this time by going for a proper classic mani and then pasted on stickers I bought..
I love lace designed nails~

And my birthday #ootd was a dress I got from Korean Gmarket (my latest online shopping craze)!

For the more "formal" bday meal, we went for lunch at Rise @ MBS on Saturday! This will be in the next blogpost cause this one is getting too lengthy!

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