Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shopping haul from ZH and HK!

as mentioned, here's the stuff i bot from my trip to ZH and HK! (the only stuff i bot from macau were my fave contact lens which are not available in spore.. and food stuff for my colleagues)

shall just go straight into showing u wat i bot!

these are  my buys, mostly from H&M!
- bras from H&M
- clothes and hairbands also from H&M
- panties from H&M and ZH
- bambi motif pouch from H&M..

bot this pj set from one of the small lanes @ causeway bay.. think abt SGD 10? can't rem.. but i actually wanted this other my melody pj which was cuter.. but dun haf size.. so settled for this one.. gonna cut the pants into shorts tho..

misc stuff i bot frm ZH... elmo socks and other socks, my melody stickers, angry bird stuff, a set of markers which costs only SGD3 (there's like 24 markers!), my melody scissors.. and some combs and mirrors.. and a longchamp-inspired bag..

the socks are dam cheap la.. 3 for RMB 10 (SGD2).. in SG, socks are usually 3 for SGD 10.. haha

and the array of longchamp-inspired and agnes b-inspired bags and pouches we got from ZH.. the agnes b pouches are mostly gifts.. but they're not cheap! SGD 5 each.. after much haggling.. at first was SGD 7 each.. this is considered ex cuz normally can get such pouches for SGD 3-4 dlrs..

beauty stuff!!
- on the left is a eyeliner.. think i paid SGD 10 for this.. but its quite gd...
- then on the top is toe nail fungi treatment.. SGD 11 (dam suay.. bot this then a few stores later they were selling for SGD 8.. mum went to scold the 1st store cuz they refused to cut pr saying its imported n they dun make much.. well, if pple can sell at SGD 8, means u making qte a lot of profit lo!)..
- 2 boxes of my beauty diaries masks... SGD 12 for 2 boxes cuz i caught the buy 1 free 1 promo.. heehee

opi! costs abt SGD 2 per bottle.. i think its fake but who cares la.. haha.. and the nail polish remover at the back also costs SGD 2 per bottle..

elmo socks! think abt SGD 1 or 2 each.. can't rem..
and my iphone 3 cover on the right which i have no use of now.. think i'll sell it.. 

combs from ZH! and mirror~ and the rabbit pouch on the right which i bot for my china tenant who loves rabbit stuff..

 chio clois earrings! SGD 3 per pair.. really love it.. esp the bottom one..

angry birds eraser! sooo cute! i dun even like angry birds tt much but i had to buy this.. SGD 1 for whole set..

angry birds pen! love the cataput hanging there..

 and this "FA" mj tile lighter! so cute!! SGD 2.. i dun even know wat i'm gonna use it for..

 my MUST BUY snack from HK! calbee corn chips in corn flavour.. SG only has the lobster and chili flavour lo.. zzz

uber love this chanel inspired bag cuz its baby pink!! and hard! not filmsy~
gonna keep this for CNY.. think i paid abt SGD 20 for it? i seriously can't rem..

 and this mint polka dot bag is also love! SGD 12 i think..

and bot this bag from a HK street at Central.. from an old's why din really bargain w her.. SGD 10.. perfect for travel toiletries etc.. (although i think its suppose to be used as a bag cuz there's a detachable sling)

 this dam kawaii POUCHES! yes! its mini chanel-inspired pouches, not bags! see the remote for size comparison.. mum bot these cuz she tot they were dam cute... dam ex but the original selling price was like SGD 50? we got it at a disc!
and my lovely dusty pink bag! paid SGD 30 for it after bargaining.. initial price was SGD 50+.. one of my best buys i must say.. love soft leather bags! there's 2 diff designs each side... this is the front...

and this is the back! i love it cuz it looks abit like miu miu! haha

and one of my last few purchases were these duffy mini bears! the left is a hp hanging thingy while the right is a magnetic duffy which u can hang on ur bags (as seen in my pics abv.. heez).. SGD 15 from HK airport..

other than these buys, also bot jurlique powder tt can help keep ur face matte.. jurlique really MUCH cheaper at HK airport lohz.. i think easily $20 cheaper per item! (shu umera too~)

hope u enjoyed seeing my buys! will blog abt my staycation and my fren's wedding next!

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